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Dublin Walking Tour Guide & Irish Surname Historian

Discover Dublin City, it's tumultious history and inspirational people

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Austin is a Failte Ireland approved Tour Guide, Professionally Trained and a Genealogist of many years



I work as a National Tour Guide as well, a diverse mix of Dublin Cities great past, present and exciting future, and I am professionally trained. I have a variety of walking tours for the visitor and local alike, if you want to understand Ireland's past you mmust start in Dublin and I will not only reveal the hidden history of this great City but entertain and you a very personal experience.

I have a life long passion for history, culture and heritage. I am lucky to live in a country with an abundance of all these things. As a committed Genealogist I understand the frustration and the rewards that searching for your ancestry brings. I  have many years of experience in helping people with research and reconnecting with lost Irish ancestry. With www.reconnectirishroots.com Austin is taking this concept one step further blending genealogy and his love of history to give his audience a unique experience.


Genealogical Services


Offering the following  unique suite of options

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Free Assessment and Consultancy

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Family Research & Discovery
  • Detailed Professional Search & Research

  • Find your Last Known Ancestor(s)

  • Find Living Relatives

  • Personal Attention & Timely Reporting

  • Detailed Reports & Charts

  • Quality Designed Reports

  • GEDCOM files

  • Guided Tours to place of origin

Group Talks & Lectures
  • Entertaining Talks for Visiting Tour Groups

  • Speaking at Family Gatherings

  • Local Community Groups Talks

  • Schools & Colleges (TY) Workshops

  • On-site at your preferred location

Images, Records, Certs
  • If you need help with Passports & Citizenship applications and ancestry

  • Do you need a digital picture of a current Gravestone/Inscription?

  • An image of a house/street or place?

  • A birth/marriage/death certificate?

  • Townland/place Maps 

Historical Genealogy
  • Geo-locating ancestors

  • Surname Distribution & Density Maps

  • Generating Historical Genealogy for Surnames

  • Coats of Arms and Surname History

  • Archaelogical Genealogy

Genealogical DNA Analysis
  • Interpreting DNA Results and Merging Records

  • Locating the possible geographic location of your ancestors

  • Connecting Your Deep Ancestry to the Present

  • Break through the genealogical "Brick Wall"

  • Advice on correct tests to take

Contact Austin: +353 876299356

Genealogical Group Lectures

Of High Kings and Kings

Has the new strides in archaeology and DNA made any new contributions to Irish origins? 

What does DNA say about Ancient Irish Population Movements?

Is there truth in Irish Origin Myths?

What is the new thinking on Ireland's Ancient people?

Entertaining and always thought provoking


Austin Rock
Tour Guide and History Story Teller 

Austin has an in depth knowledge of Dublin's unique historical and cultural places and the colourful people associated with this great city. A city with a turbulent history full of the Good, the bad and the ugly. Sample the city by walking on the same streets and paths and relate what you heard over a good cup of coffee

Qualified and Professionally trained
Focusing on the great stories in Irish history, all in the company of Good Music, Good Food, Good Drink, Good people which will all add up to Great Craic!
Also themed "selfie" hunts, explore Dublin City Centre or Dublin's dark side. Check out the tour offerings click on image below:
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